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Top Clothing Tips To Wear In Pakistan As A Female Tourist

Most Pakistanis are religious, and Pakistan is a traditional and conservative Islamic nation. As someone who was raised in an Islamic nation, I can attest to the importance of female body covering in Islamic culture. You could believe that since you are not a Muslim, you are free to wear anything you like and are not required to abide by any unspoken regulations. However, everywhere you go, it’s crucial to show respect for different cultures. Additionally, dressed adequately helps shield you from unwarranted attention.

 According to Pakistani legislation, you are allowed to wear whatever you like, therefore I can’t tell you what you “must” wear and some top clothing tips. However, I do not advise you to. Let’s start by discussing what to avoid wearing in Pakistan. Shorts, tight shirts, pants, leggings, and even short or midi skirts should be avoided. In essence, you shouldn’t dress in tight clothing that exposes your contours or naked skin. 

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What a Female Tourist should dress in Pakistan

There are less clothing restrictions for men visiting Pakistan as tourists, although modest attire is still required. In practically every part of the nation, you can get away with wearing jeans and a shirt or t-shirt. In towns like Islamabad and Karachi, Pakistani males are frequently spotted wearing a t-shirt and trousers. I have seen guys wearing shorts in several urban locations, but shorts are not widely worn across the nation.

In Pakistan, men also have a list of inappropriate clothing. Shorts and sleeveless shirts should be avoided, especially while visiting conservative areas of the country when travelling. 

It is a good idea to try to avoid wearing thick jeans because the southern and central parts of Pakistan may get quite hot during the summer.

Instead, you can put on cotton pants or try on a regional outfit.

Top Clothing Tips To Wear In Pakistan As A Female Tourist

Top clothing tips

  • Pakistan is a fairly traditional country, so keep it in mind while choosing your attire. Therefore, it is best to avoid wearing short tops, short skirts or shorts, tight or exposing clothing, etc.
  • The traditional attire, a shalwar kameez, is an excellent choice. This long tunic top and loose-fitting slacks may be purchased for a reasonable price at any market.
  • For comfortable travel, pack several full-sleeved shirts and t-shirts along with some loose-fitting long trousers.
  • The best defence against sunburn during the day and mosquito bites at night is wearing clothing with full sleeves.
  • Light wool is an excellent material to wear next to your skin since it naturally controls your body’s temperature. Even after extended usage, it doesn’t retain odours and keeps you dry when it’s hot outside.
  • In the summer, a sunhat is a necessity, and a travel umbrella is perfect for both rain and sun.
  • Take high-quality sunglasses and a reliable sunscreen with you. We recommend the Riemann P20 range for 10-hour protection.
  • Make sure you include a dependable travel jacket. Because it features more than 23 compartments, detachable sleeves, and RFID protection, we adore the SCOTTeVEST travel jacket.
Short Vs Long Dress: Which One Is The Better Option In Pakistan?

Clothing tips for women

  • Clothing for ladies should cover their shoulders and knees.
  • Cover your shoulders with a sarong and wear a cotton blouse or t-shirt with cotton slacks or an ankle-length skirt.
  • Women must wear long skirts or slacks and have their shoulders covered while entering places of worship (temples, gurudwaras, or mausoleums).
  • Additionally, remember to take off your shoes before entering any place of worship.
  • Carrying a lightweight pashmina or scarf is advised so you may cover your head if it gets too hot. It could be useful in areas where wearing a head covering is required, such as churches.

Prepare for the climate

  • The warmest months are April, May, June, July, August, September, and October. Bring lightweight cotton clothing and stay away from synthetics to prevent skin allergies or heat burns.
  • Pack some warmer clothing because the winter months (November, December, January, and February) may be extremely chilly.
  • We adore the Weather+ app since it provides an accurate 6-day prediction for day and night, which is quite useful when making plans at home. You may retain every location you’ve visited as well; it’s a fantastic way to recall your journey.
Top Clothing Tips To Wear In Pakistan As A Female Tourist

Pakistani regions

Top Clothing Tips To Wear In Pakistan As A Female Tourist
  • Depending on where you are travelling, the weather might change drastically.
  • For instance, May may reach a sweltering 43C in Islamabad while dipping to -5C in the Shandur Pass.
  • For your location and the time of your trip, check the forecast.
  • The best method to deal with temperature swings is always to layer carefully.

Packing shoes for Pakistan

  • Since your feet may get muddy and dusty when travelling, make sure you bring some decent, durable shoes with you (try Hotter shoes, they are incredibly comfortable and look great too).
  • We also enjoy Thorlos hiking socks since they come in models that are made to keep your feet dry and comfy in all weather.
Top Clothing Tips To Wear In Pakistan As A Female Touristwe Also Enjoy Thorlos Hiking Socks Since They Come In Models That Are Made To Keep Your Feet Dry And Comfy In All Weather.


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