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How to Store Clothes Long-Term

The better you store clothes, the better they will withstand normal wear and tear from wearing clothes. Here are some options for long-term clothing storage to help you keep what you like longer and lower your family’s or your own clothing costs.If you’ve ever invested a little extra money up front in a great suit or a pair of high-end shoes, you understand their value. In exchange, you receive a product that is less likely to break and could even look better with some use. However, you must treat something properly if you want it to last. The long-term quality of your clothing depends on how you store it, whether it’s a prized piece like a wedding dress or tux or just some winter clothing you want to last for longer than one season.

The better you store them, the better they will withstand normal wear and tear from wearing clothes. Here are some options for long-term clothing storage to help you keep what you like longer and lower your family’s or your own clothing costs.

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Keep, Chuck, Sell or Store

The neat suits and dresses in garment bags are arranged in row.As you move down on the shelves, they get dirtier and messier. Four tops are hung on each of the hooks, and there is mound of clothing at the bottom corner of the wardrobe because. There were no extra hangers available that day. 
It stood in the way of your path to the top, wasn’t it? 
Thoughts crossed your mind that you might wear it one more before tossing it aside. No more! There isn’t enough room, your clothing are fading, and you can’t locate anything. It’s time to classify all of your clothing into one of four categories: keep, repurpose, sell, or storage (not simply the items you think you’ll want to retain).
Keep: These are the items you frequently use, have room for, and, if they are fragile, may be kept in a secure location.
Repurpose: If you have clothing that is no longer appropriate for wearing, think about utilising the fabric to make a purse or an upcycled chair. Take the unwanted items to a textile bank, which you may discover by Googling here, if you aren’t a huge DIYer.
Sell: Consider selling, giving, or holding a car boot sale for the stuff you no longer desire but are still in good shape.
Store: Items that are valuable to you and that you still want to maintain but don’t currently have the space or a secure location to store them.
Okay, it has now been meticulously (yes, painstakingly!) sorted. All the goods you are retaining should be folded and put back in their proper places. Throw away all of the broken things. Likewise, put away the items you want to sell in the future.

Clean Your Clothes Before You Store Them

Now, this one should be rather apparent, right? But we still need to make it clear. Clothing that will be kept in storage for a long time should be clean. When preparing to relocate or in a haste, some individuals feel pressed for time and skip washing items before packing them in a box.

How To Store Clothes Long-Term

It takes no time at all for something you put off for a week to turn into something you put off for years. Don’t be shocked if there is mould growing on your winter coat the next time you open that box to remove an old, filthy coat for the change of seasons. Make sure to clean your clothes before putting them in long-term storage.

Use Boxes Not Just Bags

How To Store Clothes Long-Term

It may be a good idea to choose boxes rather than merely bags, depending on how long-term you define it to be. Your clothes is more likely to get squished or harmed while it is in bags because of movement. You risk accidently piling on top of pricey goods or pieces you like. 

If you don’t pay attention to what’s in a drawer or below anything. They won’t be the same when you remove them.  Put your clothing in boxes to be on the safe side. You won’t have to worry about delicate objects getting destroyed because they stack so effortlessly.

Keep Your Clothing Dry

Of course, a lot of clothing hates wetness. In humid regions or when they are exposed to excessive moisture, clothing deteriorates significantly more quickly. Additionally, mould may develop much more easily when objects are damp. Store your clothing in an area that is shielded from rain or air conditioner leaks to preserve it in good condition.

How To Store Clothes Long-Term

If your clothes is important to you, take special care to keep it away of damp regions of your home, such as the basement. Instead, you can think about storing them in your attic or perhaps a climate-controlled area.

Pack Considerately And Carefully

How To Store Clothes Long-Term
Similar to sending your first child off to college, you want to make sure they are protected and have good future. Clothing is clothing, right?  The easiest way to accomplish this is to pack thoughtfully and carefully I’m talking about the clothing, not the kid. Identifying the supplies you need to store them is the first thing to accomplish. 
If you want to be extra cautious, which we strongly advise you to do, line the plastic storage containers with previous, clean cotton sheets. Additionally, take it step further by using wooden cedar balls, which may be used to both retain and erase months.

Choose A Suitable Storage Place

How To Store Clothes Long-Term

It’s important to think about which storage unit provider is appropriate for these particular requirements while storing your clothes for a long time. When it comes to clothing, you should think about keeping your clothing in a dry, clean, cold, and dark storage area. Security and accessibility are additional factors you should think about. Making an inventory may save you money as well as keep you from tearing your hair out in irritation later on when you’re unsure of what has been stored and what hasn’t.
For instance, if you are keeping baby clothing, you may need to start shopping for new items when the next baby arrives in two or three years. But what if you already have the majority of it in storage? Fortunately, you took an inventory of what you were storing and where, so there’s no need to worry (what box). Phew.


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