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Fashion Jewellery Bangles made of Tatinium Alloy with beads for women light weight jewelry multicolor


Fashion Jewellery Bangles
Decorated with Beads
Metal Bangles
Base color: Golden
Elegant for multiple occasions
No damage for a Long period.

Available colors: Golden, White, Multicolor

Includes in Package: A Pair of Bangles

Introducing our exquisite collection of Fashion Jewellery Bangles – a perfect blend of elegance and style. These bangles, made from high-quality Titanium Alloy, feature intricate bead decorations that add a touch of sophistication. The metal bangles, with a captivating golden base color, are designed to be lightweight, making them ideal for various occasions. Whether you’re attending a special event or adding a classy touch to your everyday look, these Fashion Jewellery Bangles, tagged as Beaded Bangles and Metal Bangles, are the perfect choice. Their durability ensures they remain damage-free for an extended period. Elevate your style with this Elegant Occasion Jewelry – the epitome of timeless beauty and lasting charm.

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